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&"Fabulous Commotion" (0+)

Sunday, April 25, is preparing a "Fabulous stir" - a big family holiday in the Novgorod Kremlin! Guests of the city and Novgorodians are waiting for games, fun, interactive and fun!

Interactive program

at 12:00 there will be an interactive program with the heroes of fairy tales, buffoonish fun and a friendly round dance.
Venue: playground near the Children's Museum Center / Admission is free

Storeroom of fairy tales

At 12: 30 You can listen to fairy tales:

* "Cat, fox and rooster". Fairy tale on magnets with a master class
* "Mouse-norushka". Fabulous clay master class
* "Goby-tar barrel". A fairy tale with a shadow theater at the Russian stove

Venue: Children's Museum Center

Street of Fairy Tales

* "Babki-hedgehogs" on the Fairy-tale path " - an interactive program on Russian folk tales on the fairy-tale path
* "Fairy tales around the clay pot" - interactive program

Venue: outdoor program, gathering at the Children's Museum Center

Ticket price for master classes and programs: 200 rub. / children 250 rub. / adult
Phone numbers for inquiries: 8 8162 77-40-54; 77-37-38
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