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AA tour of the Smolensk theatre named after A. S. Griboedov

At the end of October, the Novgorod drama theater will visit the Smolensk state academic drama theater named after A. S. Griboyedov. As part of the interregional program "Big tour", the Novgorod academic drama theater named after F. M. Dostoevsky will show four performances of "The faithful wife", "Libra", "Ali Baba" and "the passion of doom...".

The Novgorod academic drama theater named after F. M. Dostoevsky is located "two steps away" from Intourist group, at 14 Velikaya street. Read more about the performances, as well as order/buy tickets online on the theater's website. Theater ticket office phone number: +7(8162)788-305.

"Faithful wife" (16+)

On the evening of October 23 at 19:00, theater-goers will see a love story in two acts based on the play "The faithful wife" by S. Maugham (16+). What can jeopardize the happiness of a strong family where the wife is a charming woman, an exemplary hostess and a wonderful mother, and the husband is a pleasant gentleman, a successful surgeon and a good family man? How will the faithful wife react to this? What is loyalty?

"Libra" (16+) 

October 24, at 18:00, the Novgorod audience will be presented the play "Libra" (16+) based on the play by Yevgeny Grishkovets – a famous playwright, Director, film actor and musician. It seems to be an ordinary situation: at night in the maternity ward, four men are waiting for the birth of children. New life – what could be more beautiful. A woman who gives birth to her child – we worship her. And what is the role of a man in all this? The play vividly and reliably shows the relationship between husband and wife, son-in-law and mother-in-law, son and mother, father and daughter, true love and strong male friendship.

"Ali Baba" (0+) 

October 25, at 12.00, young viewers will be shown the musical fairy tale "Ali Baba" (0+). This is a story about Eastern wisdom and Eastern cunning. That only a person with a good heart and a pure soul is lucky, no matter what obstacles are encountered on his life path. If you want to see how a musical story full of adventure and magic will spin in a bright and colorful Oriental dance, then you should definitely visit this performance.

"The fatal passion..." (12+)

On October 25, at 18:00, the tour will end with a performance in two acts "the passion of doom..." (12+). The play is based on four stories by A. Averchenko, a writer who at one time was almost more famous than A. P. Chekhov, the editor – in-chief of the St. Petersburg magazine "Satyricon"created by him. These are the stories "Olga Nikolaevna", "Key", "Suicide", "Sazonov". The Director combined them not with the plot, but with the method of developing the images of each of the three actors playing. Like the writer himself, the creators of the play are interested in a person not social, but private, so to speak, internal. In the center of attention is one of the eternal problems of humanity: He - She - He. the Main theme is the eternal female longing for the subtle and elegant. And the sadder it seems, the more fun "stage torment" moves – the genre declared by the Director. What awaits the characters, the audience will be able to see and evaluate.



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