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NNovgorod the fountain is famous!

Recently, a Novgorodian decided to paint the fountain "Sadko and tsarevna Volkhova" located in the Kremlin Park. The man called the motive for his action a desire to embellish his favorite city. Thus, he painted the figure of Sadko in gold, and the figure of Volkhova in silver. This story has already been noticed by the Federal media.

Currently, the fate of the Novgorodian is decided at the level of the city administration, according to regional media, he faces criminal liability, and the monument should be restored to its former state.

Meanwhile, the famous fountain was opened, and while the new image of the sculpture was not subjected to restoration work, hurry to look at it and make memorable photos.


The fountain "Sadko and tsarevna volkhova" was opened in the Kremlin Park in the 1970s. In its center are bronze sculptures of epic heroes. The fountain bowl is decorated with mosaics. About 10 years ago, the fountain was restored and equipped with lighting.

Scientists suggest that the prototype of Sadko was a rich Novgorod merchant Sotko Sytinich, who lived in Veliky Novgorod in the XII century.
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