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DDay of Family, Love and Loyalty

Today, July 8 marks the Russian day of Lovers, or the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, in which it is customary to honor saints Peter and Fevronia.

Novgorod regional theater and concert Agency will hold an online screening of the vocal and choral performance "the Tale of Peter and Fevronia". The visual embodiment of the old Russian story goes back to the liturgical (Church) drama – a particularly solemn medieval genre of dramatization of the Holy Scripture.

"The tale of Peter and Fevronia" was directed by the Honored artist of Russia Daniil Donchenko, music by Alexander Leonov. A chamber choir led by Yuri Nikiforov, winner of international festivals, is playing during the event.

The online show will take place on July 8, at 19.00, on the pages of Vkontakte: the Novgorod regional theater and concert Agency, the Novgorod academic drama theater named after F. M. Dostoevsky, the Novgorod Museum-reserve.
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In the photo, the monument to saints Peter and Fevronia, which is located in the square opposite the Pokrovsky Cathedral (Bredova-Zverinaya street).

About Peter and Fevronia

Russian Russian Orthodox Church, taking care of the morals of the Russian people, has always honored and glorified family relations. In the Russian Empire until 1917, June 8 was a holiday of family, love and loyalty, dedicated to the day of memory of Russian Holy princes Peter and Fevronia.

The life says that the blessed Prince Peter was the son of the Murom Prince Yuri Vladimirovich. He took the throne of Murom in 1203. A few years before, Prince Peter fell ill with leprosy, from which no one could cure him. In a dream, it was revealed to the Prince that he could be cured by Fevronia, a peasant from the village of Laskovaya in the Ryazan land, the daughter of a bee hunter who extracted wild honey. The virgin Fevronia knew the properties of herbs and was able to treat ailments, was a beautiful, pious and kind girl. The Prince promised to marry her after healing, but not fulfilling the promise, fell ill again. Fevronia cured him again, and this time the wedding took place.

When Peter succeeded to the throne, the boyars did not want to have a Princess of a simple title, saying to him: "Either let go of your wife, who offends the noble ladies with her origin, or leave Murom." The Prince took Fevronia, got into a boat with her, and sailed along the Oka. They began to live as simple people, rejoicing that they were together, and God helped them.

In Murom, however, the troubles began, many began to seek the vacated throne, and there were murders. Then, having come to their senses, the boyars decided to call Prince Peter back. The Prince and Princess returned, and Fevronia managed to earn the love of the townspeople. In their old age, the couple took monastic vows in different monasteries under the names of David and Euphrosyne. They died on the same day and hour — July 8 (June 25 according to the Julian calendar), 1228.

Until 1917, the Day of Peter and Fevronia, who represent marital love and fidelity in Russian culture and were considered the patrons of family and marriage in Russia since ancient times, was celebrated very widely. On this day, it was customary to visit temples where young people in their prayers asked for the sending of love and family harmony. Also, the day of Peter and Fevronia is considered a happy day for marriage.

Today, when the priority of domestic state policy is to increase the birth rate and strengthen the family as the Foundation of the state, the holiday of family, love and loyalty in 2008 received an official state status. Peter and Fevronia day is celebrated on July 8 — the day of Church veneration of saints.


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